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Dr. Sung J. Hong is an American Board Certified Prosthodontist, a Fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists, and a

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Below are reviews from actual patients. You can also read over 60 reviews of Dr. Hong and the California Dental Specialty Group on the National Dental Review website.


My husband and I are long-time patients of Dr. Hong, who was recommended by a relative who'd found that this dentist was the only doctor of several consulted who was able to diagnose correctly a salivary gland infection. We've since found him to be a most dedicated and caring dentist, a true craftsman who takes extraordinary pride in every detail of his practice. His level of skill and knowledge is remarkable.

I recently spoke with the Cerec rep to get referrals to Oregon doctors trained in Cerec restorations.  The rep happened to ask who my own doctor was, and on hearing Dr. Hong's name, the rep responded enthusiastically that this wasn't just any dentist; he was an uber dentist!  In fact, there are only 4 board certified prosthodontists within 50 miles of where we live.  His skills are matched by his kind and gentle manner and good heart.  Young is so gracious and knowledgeable in reception, Joan the hygienist is warm, personable and works hard to explain her exam in detail prior to Dr. Hong's own exam.  Mrs. Hong usually comes out from the back office to greet you, giving a warm, family feel to the whole experience.  We have to drive some distance to see Dr. Hong, but it's worth every mile.

Patricia L.


I was seeking  for the best of dentist who should have  a prestigious dentistry practice and particularly experience with implants...
And I am truly happy to have doctor Sung J. Hong as my dentist...

I can honestly say that Dr. Hong and his staff are top-notch and I easy can give my thumbs up to him and his total team...
Dr. Hong is a very nice guy. His examinations are quick, and he always have a time  to talk to you about any issues that you might have. I thank you Dr. Sung J. Hong + teem for taking good care of my dental problems for better looks.

Overall, I would highly recommend this dental office to my friends and family...

Valery S.


Dr. Hong has been my dentist for over 3 years now; he is an excellent and highly skilled dentist and a registered prosthodontist. I would not go to anyone else in the area. He is very knowledgeable in the latest dental specialist technologies, always uses the highest quality and most visually appealing dental materials, and is very savvy with functional as well as cosmetic dental issues. I have always been prone to fillings, but Dr. Hong does them very well. My favorite part of each filling is the precise way in which he uses the carbon paper to achieve a perfectly level bite surface; in this way, I never leave the office without having just the right filling geometry. Lastly, Dr. Hong uses a registered Dental Hygienist to do my 6 month cleanings; this is VERY important, because rather than cutting corners on the cleaning and wasting his own precious time, he leverages an excellent Dental Hygienist to do the work. She is very thorough, very conscientious in her cleanings, and always very friendly!

Patrick G.


Dr Hong has been my wife's family dentist for about 30 yrs. When we married, I was lucky enough to become one of his patients. I was extremely impressed on my first visit. I got a consultation that included family health history, x-rays and a thorough examination of my teeth and gums. I then got the best teeth cleaning I've ever had. 

Dr Hong has a comprehensive approach to dentistry. His team takes exceptional care of their patients.  He is personally involved with all of his patients, and always ensures you are receiving the very best care.  His office is state of the art.  Dr Hong isn't just a dentist. He's a orthodontist and prosthodontis as well.  Need an implant, he can make the tooth for you right in his office.  Amazing technology, and an amazing guy. 

So happy to be a patient!

Rick K.


Around 1992 I had some bridge work done by another dentist and it caused great pain for years. After interviewing many prosthodontists for years and fearing additional work would cause even more pain I took a chance with Dr. Hong around 1995. Although he came with a great background, such as teaching in his field at Univ. of San Francisco, etc. etc. I was so traumatized by my previous experience that it took a while to finally commit to having my bridge redone.

Dr. Hong fixed my painful bridge and I have never had pain with it since. Also he explained and showed me why I had the pain and how he fixed it. I have been with Dr. Hong ever since and he has taken great care of my teeth.

Also his dental hygienist does a very thorough and nice job. Everyone in the office is very thoughtful, helpful and friendly too.

Donna W.


My husband went there for a consultation on Implants. Dr. Hong couldn't have been nicer and more informative. He was patient with us and kindly gave us time to think about the process since it was his whole mouth and it  would be quite costly. 

We are seniors and my husband is fearful of dentists and Dr. Hong was so reassuring. We feel very confident and safe with Dr. Hong and his staff and will, most likely, return to have the work done.

Sandra M.


I am a patient of Dr. Sung J. Hong. Dr. Hong is an experienced and meticulous prosthodontist. He listens to each patient's concerns and needs. The dentures are precision fitted and adjusted to give maximum comfort to the patient. I would recommend Dr. Hong to anyone for a comfortable and beautiful smile.

Dental service and customer service were excellent. Dr. Sung Je Hong expertise in his field is No. 1; I am pleased to recommend him to those who are in need of his services. Great staff.

Cherie S.


Dr. Hong saved my smile!

I've been seeing Dr. Hong since 2009, after I broke the front tooth at gum level. I had seen four specialists since my accident, and not one could save my tooth, before Dr. Hong. This, after each of them had charged me in average of $250.00, sometimes for a less than 10 min. assessment.

Unfortunately, I inherited my mother's bad genes, and since very young, I saw, and experienced many dentists in my life. The best of them were the ones in teaching profession, such as Dr. Hong. I can undoubtedly say that I am an expert of sorts when it comes dental professions, vis-a-vis my mouth. Dental hygiene, and well being is of utmost importance for digestion purposes, and overall health. I have learned to appreciate Dr. Hong's amazing expertise, he is a pioneer in Prosthodontics, as I did my research. He is an honest, hard worker, professional who is a perfectionist, and prides himself in work well done. I take my grown children there, and have referred many of my closest friends to his practice, since then, and I don't think I can go see anyone else as long as I live in the Bay Area. I drive a whole hour to be able to get to the best dentist in the area. You will definitely get your money's worth of excellent services!

08/17/2015 (updated)

I love this office People always seem to be impressed when I am so very happy to go to a dental office! I love this office, and I know I will have the top quality work done, be the latest developments in treatment (i have 3 implants!, 2 bridges, crowns, name it, I have them). Twice a year, my obligatory visit have to happen, even when I live so far away...

Isabel K.


Dr. Hong is masterful.  I've had a problem with my upper two front teeth for 50 years that required bonding and rebonding and repair.  The bonding broke down [again!] and I consulted two dentists and an orthodontist.  None of them thought they could fix it -- they said the ONLY way to deal with it would be crowns -- not enough tooth left to do anything else.  I went to Dr. Hong for a last-chance consult and he did the job perfectly, with rebond and some internal wires -- he even sandblasted the wires to increase the surface area so it would hold.  The whole thing took him about an hour and he did it without any anesthesia [I hate needles!] and barely any discomfort at all.  This guy saved my two front teeth.  Totally amazing.

Ina B.


I believe in finding a valuable good physician is like a jewel. I was seeking for the best of dentist who should have a prestigious dentistry practice of records and that is a Dr.sung j hong.

He is a gentle and superb dentist. He takes pride in to do precise dantal workmanship that he performed in patient like me. I am truly happy that i am he's a patient. He's teem the hygienist is the one of the best+assistance are so great total teem. I give my two thumbs up.

Very truly i have been referred my family +my clients to dr. Hong. Hope they don't miss out on how great Dentist he should is,..

I thank you dr.hong+teem for taking good care of my teeth for better looks.

Very truly.

Bo Bae P.


I've been going to Dr. Hong for years. My 6 children, myself and my husband have all gone to him. Also friends and relatives. We have all loved him and have never had a problem. My husband has always had terrible teeth and Dr. Hong has been wonderful in treating his teeth over the years and recently giving him implants that have worked out wonderfully. Absolutely no problems. Sooo much better than dentures!

Dr. Hong has state of the art technology, too. I cracked a molar and went to his office (I don't have to wait days or weeks either to get an appointment) and in 2 hours came away with a new crown that matched my other teeth. He uses a computer to map your teeth, which sends it back to a cutting machine that makes the color-matched crown. I could have left and come back, but I opted to wait. They leaned the chair back and dimmed the lights, and I took a nap. He then fitted the crown, made slight adjustments and I was done. No having a temporary crown put on and coming back again in 2 weeks for a fitting that might or might not fit right. I have rarely had to wait in their waiting room, so I know he doesn't over book and I never feel rushed either. Even when I just go in for a cleaning with his hygienist, Dr. Hong takes the time to come in and talk to her about my teeth and check the x-rays if I've had them taken and discuss with me any treatment I might need. He also doesn't recommend treatment just to make money like other dentists I took my kids to before I discovered Dr. Hong. He is honest and cutting edge when it comes to dentistry. He also teaches prosthodontics at UCSF. I can honestly say I've never had a better dentist in my life

03/24/2015 (updated)

HIghly recommended! After trying several dentists over the years, my husband & I found Dr. Hong. He is by far the best dentist we've ever had. He does not recommend any treatments or procedures that are not absolutely necessary (unlike other dentists we've had). He is very professional, knowledgeable, and offers the latest in prosthodontics.

His office is clean, efficiently run with almost no waiting time, on-time appointments, phone/email/text reminders, and friendly staff.

Sonja G.


I'm not a person who like writing reviews (it's mostly because of my english skills), but this time I have to make exception. I will try to tell you my long story short :)

I almost lost my front tooth when I was very young and since then I had to hide my smile (I kept my tooth but it was dead and became darker and ugly). Two years ago I had to make an extraction because of infection (which started after the cleaning at another dentist office), so I've lost my tooth forever..  I've got my temporary denture then and live with it for about a year and a half till it broke :( In the mean time I was looking for somebody to help me with my problem but no one gave me the reasonable resolution for that (because of my crooked bite/occlusion)..

I lost my hope until I met Dr. Hong. He fixed my temporary denture in one day (he made it even better than the previous one) and gave me some opportunities to choose to solve the problem!! I was pleasantly surprised by his great ideas!!! He easily explained to me every way to reach the goal. I made my choice few weeks ago and... I'm so happy I did that!!! I have my smile again and I can finally live normally!! If someone have/had the same problem, exactly know what I mean.

All staff of The California Dental Specialty Group are extremely friendly and helpful. They react very quickly (same morning I called them with my problem, they asked me to come in!!).

Young, at the front desk, not only helped me with the financing (believe me, she exactly know what to do to make you happy) but she supported me all the time!!! Britney was helping Dr. Hong during my treatment and she always was so careful, that I almost forgot that I'm on the dentist chair. Their hygienist (probably Joane) made my smile clean and did the amazing job!!! Thank you Dr. Hong, Young, Britney and Joane for giving me my smile back!!

(I hope I wrote all names correctly - I'm so sorry if I did some mistakes.. Anyway, you will exactly know about which person I was talking about when you come there!!)

I highly recommend Dr. Hong services!!

Kamila R.


Your teeth couldn't be in better hands! I've been seeing Doctor Hong for over 25 years. The service and expertise has been nothing short of exceptional. From orthodontic treatment, to dental surgery, to fillings and cleanings the care I've received has been top notch.

For a brief period at a previous employer I lost Delta Dental coverage which is accepted by CDSG. The new insurance was less than adequate and was not accepted by CDSG. The new dentist I went to was a nightmare, so much so that for a period of time I went to CDSG and paid out of pocket for the quality of care. CDSG is at the top of dentistry's game, offers the highest quality care I've ever experienced, has clean and aesthetic facilities along with courteous and professional staff. I'd recommend CDSG to anyone any day and I look forward to continued satisfaction with CDSGs dental care for years to come!

Mike G.


I highly recommend Doctor Hong. He is very professional and has a lot of knowledge. My mother, my brother and I have been going to the same dentist for years but we decided to give Doctor Hong a try. We are all very happy with his services. My mom has had bad gum infections and gum problems for years and ever since she started seeing Doctor Hong her gum problems and infections have improved big time.

Doctor Hong gave my mom tips on things that she needed to do to help avoid getting infections. One of the thing that I like about Doctor Hong is that he specializes in a lot of different areas of dentistry. He explains things so you can understand them. My brother also has gums problems and Dr. Hong also helped my brother and taught my brother how to care for his teeth and how to brush his teeth correctly. My old dentist did not tell my mother or brother anything about their gums for their gums. I like that Dr. Hong did that because they have both seen improvements with their gums and their infections. My mom has not gotten one since she started seeing Dr. Hong and it has been over a year since we started seeing him. She would get infections at least six times per year.

His dental hygienist is super friendly and very professional too. My mother and I both enjoyed our cleaning with her. My mom and brother had some deep cleanings done to her and she did a great job on my them. She was really professional and friendly. She asked my mom a lot of questions and made sure my mom felt comfortable during her deep cleaning visits. Doctor Hong's office is really professional, friendly service, and clean. We highly recommend Doctor Hong.

Mari P.


I love this provider! I am an expert on receiving dental treatments due to my many problems since young age, so I am very good in evaluating who is good in this field. I must say Dr. Hong is one of the best in three continents I have resided, a top professional in the field who works diligently for your mouth health with his amazing expertise but also great ethical standards! He is also so meticulous, and such a perfectionist. That is a very important trait in dentistry. I know I will have the best decision about the treatment options with his knowledge, and honesty.

Dr. Hong is one of best pioneers in Prosthodontics in the area. I have been seen by Dr. Hong over 5 years now but before I'd found him, I had suffered through many others. I will drive a long hour and some to meet him but will go to no one else for my treatment. And for my 6-month cleaning, Joan is the best dental hygienist I have had in a long time. Many praises for this excellent quality dental professionals!


Dr. Hong saved my smile!

Two months ago I fell from my bike and broke and fractured my two front teeth. It was the worst experience I ever had. Yes,I had my share of pain; however, I was more concerned about my appearance. I work in service department and there was no way I could go to work the next day . Lucky me....one of my best friend recommended me to see Dr. Hong . I called the office and explained my desperate situation. Dr. Hong and his staff were so kind and made a special arrangement to care for my teeth. I was in their office around 2pm and in just 3hours later I had my beautiful smile back. I am very happy and glad that I met such a wonderful dentist and professional team members. I plan to come back to this office for all my regular dental care.

Yumi K.


I learned of Dr. Hong through a very special friend who is extremely careful about her health in general and her dental health especially -- because of dental problems in her past.  I do not live in California, but I visit here regularly as part of my work-related travel.  I needed some dental work during one of these visits to California, and my friend recommended Dr. Hong.

 I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the treatment I received!  The dental hygienist provided what was by far the most complete and effective cleaning/check up I have ever experienced.  I have known for a long time that I am getting older, and my teeth needed a significant amount of work.  After the cleaning, Dr. Hong inspected my teeth and made the most professional suggestions for my necessary dental work.  Previous dentists had solved one isolated dental problem without consideration of the more global implications to my overall dental structure and function.  I have a PhD in engineering, and Dr. Hong explained what work needed to be done in terms that made perfect bioengineering sense.  He explained the general mechanics of chewing and how various aspects of the teeth and their arrangement achieve optimal results.

 I asked Dr. Hong to do the dental work he recommended, and now chewing is comfortable and effective for me!  As a result of his excellent work, my dental system is better than ever before in my life.  Even though I may have to travel extensive distances to return to California, I plan to use Dr. Hong for all my dental work from this time forward.  The difference in the quality of work he performs and the results he obtains makes the extra travel and trouble more than worthwhile.

Melvin M.


Dr. Hong saved my mouth.

Back when I was in college, I did something stupid. Actually, I did a lot of stupid things, but this was pretty bad. I got a cavity, and since I have this immense fear of the dentist, I did nothing about it, thinking that it would just......go away. Sadly, that's not even the stupid part. About a month later I was craving bubble gum, so I popped a giant wad of double bubble into my mouth. All the sudden, I started thinking "I didn't know double bubble was crunchy....." Yea, that was my broken tooth. Gross, sad, horrific. Again, I did nothing. A couple weeks later I woke up at 5am with the most horrible pain in my jaw that I've ever experienced, and went in and was told I needed a root canal (you know, it actually sounds worse than it is). The emergency dentist (this was in another town) gave me some meds and told me to book an appointment with my dentist at home. So I went home, braved the Dentist's office, and listened as he told me that it would take TWO WEEKS for my crown to come in (of course, this was after the 30 minutes of scolding and disbelief that this was the worst cavity he'd ever seen). Although I deserved this punishment, my college/traveling schedule was going to make it really difficult to return again in a fortnight. Cue, Dr. Hong.

Dr. Hong not only made me feel super comfortable and put my fears at ease, but he has this magical machine that made my porcelain crown in not two weeks.....but in AN HOUR. He even let us watch it being made. He made sure to explain to me everything he was doing so I wouldn't be scared, and his staff was also super nice and professional.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hong!!

Courtney C.


I had a bridge that was done wrong by another dentist. The nerve was exposed by a poor fit. I was in a lot of pain constantly for about 3 years.

During this time I researched and went to every specialist I could find. I was impressed that Dr. Hong in addition taught his specialty at a University. Doctor Hong was the ONLY ONE who pinpointed the problem, that there was an extremely small gap that was causing the pain.

Even so, because of my traumatic experience with the previous dentist and because other dental specialists had different ideas about the cause of the pain, I suffered another year because I did not chose Dr. Sung Hong.

When I finally did, he removed the bad bridge and put in one that fit just right. Incredible, the pain was gone in just the short time it took to put in the new bridge! Also Dr. Hong took the time to explain everything to me so that I wasn't so fearful. He is very patient. Since then,(about 15 years ago), he has done all my dental work. Also I have recommended him to all my family and friends and they too go to him.

Donna W.


Friendly staff. Comfortable experience.I have been going CDSG since 2011. To be honest, going to the dentist has not always been my favorite thing to do but I really don't mind having to do so here. Everyone here is super friendly and always makes me feel right at home. The front desk team is really informative and helpful, Joan the hygienist is extremely gentle, comforting and fun and Dr. Hong is quick, knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you for all that you do!

Joseph C.


Outstanding office staff, exceptional quality work.

I have been a patient for 25 years and could not be happier with the quality of work and caring staff.

John B.


I get extreme anxiety from bad experiences going to the dentist. I went to Dr Hong to have my tooth pulled a molar. Dr Hongs office put me at ease and worked well with my anxious behavior. Dr Hong explained well and the shot (one of my most fears ) didnt hurt. I healed quickly with no complications. I then schedule for the next item on my list to restore my teeth and gums a deep cleaning. I was surprised I was going back into a dentist chair but so far I feel confident in Dr Hongs office. The office was also very clean!!

I had a deep cleaning with Joan the hygienist. The first appointment she did oneside. I was do nervous i was sick to my stomach. I heard horror stories of deep cleaning and the pain. Joan was gentle but efficient. My mouth was fine the next day. When I went back for the other side it was a breeze. Looking forward to getting my implant with Dr Hong.

I recommend Sung Je Hong DDS for dental care and Joan for great cleaning. The manager Young and Asst. Britney are also very informative and sweet.

Sheree G


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